The company's leader - Gianluca Mantuano - and GMFur continues a three generations fashion business, which began in 1931 in Manfredonia, Italy. In 2007, Mr. Mantuano decided to set up a fur factory in Lithuania. The GMFur activities include the participation to the annual MiFur exhibitions in Milan (Milan Fiera) with its italian business partners and business trips in Europe, where it co-operates with the best European fur boutiques.

GMFur co-operates with the world's top fur design companies, manufacturers and designers, making it one of the strongest fur fashion system.
Successful cooperations with the global fur fashion promoters offers customers the opportunity to get high quality fur and leather products.

GMFurs pay attention to all production processes and purchase materials from the world's best suppliers. This is how the production and patterns are developed carefully with regard of the fur quality.

The purpose of the brand is to give to people the opportunity to purchase high quality products at an attractive and affordable price. GMFurs want you to be involved in international fashions.