GM Furs takes great pride in servicing your furs. We provide fur repair, fur cleaning, fur storage and fur alterations for the whole of Lithuania.

Secure Cold Fur Storage
Fur storage is important, especially for those Lithuanian summers we experience. We inspect every garment that is brought into our fur storage for loose closings, open linings, or other repairs that may be necessary.

Expert Fur Cleaning, Fur Conditioning and Fur Lining Protection
Our experts will revitalize and restore your fur coats and hats.

Fur Restyling
Restyling fur coats is something we take very seriously. Our expert staff will amaze you with creative ideas and suggestions on how to restyle your garment to a new and fashionable style.

Fur Repair
We have talented Master Furriers who can work their magic and repair your fur coat making it look brand new.
Custom Fur Manufacturing.

Your fantasy fur can become the fashion of your dreams with our experts, making you the luxurious custom fur coat you’ve always wanted right here in Vilnius!